Yep, you can indeed drink distilled water! And it’s a popular choice for people who are super-conscious about drinking the best, most beneficial type of water they can. But in the eternal battle of distilled water versus purified water, who’s the winner?

Distilled water vs. purified water: A quick breakdown

Even though distilled and purified water might seem pretty similar on the (watery) surface, they have a few differences you might want to consider.

Distilled water


  • free of contaminants ✅
  • great for people with reduced immunity like those with HIV or cancer ✅
  • free of additions such as chlorine ✅

But it’s also:

Purified water


  • great for people living in areas with poor public water quality ✅
  • free of heavy metals, which can lead to stomach issues or even brain damage ✅
  • super tasty ✅

But it’s also:

  • devoid of that handy fluoride ❌
  • pretty expensive to make, with a constant need to buy filters ❌
  • wasteful, whether you’re buying it in plastic bottles or disposing of used filters ❌

On the surface, they’re pretty similar.

  • Purified water has had chemicals and contaminants removed but may contain minerals.
  • Distilled water takes it one step further, with both contaminants and minerals removed.

But which is better? In the blue corner, it’s distilled! And in the other blue corner, it’s purified! They’ll be facing each other in a battle of facts! Seconds out. Round one!