Meditation is one of the most talked about practices in the mental health space because of its multitude of science-backed benefits.

Although the concept of meditation may seem quite straightforward — set aside time to focus the mind on the present moment and attempt to quiet all other thoughts — the practice itself can be challenging.

Some people suggest to think of meditation as a skill and the brain as a muscle that needs to be worked and trained just like any other part of the body.

Still, if you’re just getting started, you may be unsure about where to begin, or you may find the practice harder than you expected. And even if you have some experience with meditation, it can be challenging to stick with it if you’re not noticing any immediate benefits.

A good way to stay inspired as you begin (or continue) your meditation journey is to read a meditation book. Reading about meditation may provide you with a resource you can turn to every day to keep you invested in your practice.